In the mid-1900’s, the counterculture movement spread as individuals deviated from ‘normal’ lifestyles, leading to new musical genres, artwork, and thought-processes. Inspired by this movement’s creativity, I started to document its influence in contemporary culture.

Some of the stories featured on CounterCultr’s homepage.

Some of the stories featured on CounterCultr’s homepage.

Since covering stories outside of readers’ ‘bubbles’ was the core philosophy of the site, I used social media and word of mouth to recruit a community of volunteers to help. Over time, we formed a diverse collective of artists, designers, photographers, and travellers who were driven by a similar passion to write, edit, and read the stories we were producing. These individuals expanded our coverage to places as distant as India, Ukraine, and South Africa through immersion journalism, which enabled them to be part of the stories they were sharing.

In the site’s two years of running, it established a growing online presence with an active community of contributors and followers. It became home to 35 stories, at least once per month, which spanned topics from growing up with LGBTQ+ parents in a “bible belt” to attending South Africa’s AfrikaBurn festival.

With individuals from all walks of life contributing, the site represented a diverse range of perspective uncommon to mainstream cultural outlets at the time. Although the site is no longer running and I don’t manage its domain name, for the time it was around, it was a place for individuals to come together to inspire others and in turn, themselves.

Please find short excerpts from some of CounterCultr’s stories below:

Where the Unusual Happens and Miracles Occur

by Drew Scavello

When Hurricane Katrina strikes, most evacuate, but what about those within hospital walls, dependent on life support and other machinery to keep them alive? Follow the unbelievable tale of hospital patients left behind in the flooded city. Their abandonment foreshadows the hospital’s.

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A Straight Girl in a Gay World

by Jesse Bradford-Rogers

Trying to explain my family as a child was never simple. I’d heard the stories from my parents, but it wasn’t something I ever questioned, at least not until other kids began to question it in my Oklahoma “bible belt" town.

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Washington’s Lesser Known Monument

by James Blücher

While often overshadowed by D.C.’s Washington Monument, Baltimore, Maryland’s own monument with the same name was the first architectural structure dedicated to George Washington in the US. I had a rare opportunity to photograph this national treasure as it undergoes restoration.

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Arte di Strada, Episode 1: Frida x Goon