Making ideas come to life

Particles are the solution that makes bringing your ideas to life easier. Let's say you have an idea for an app. While that is great in and of itself, deploying it can be quite complex. Without the proper support system, things can crumble very quickly. You need to form a team, protect your ideas, manage things financially, and so on, which can be quite the burden. With Particles, this burden gets relieved.

🛠️ How it works

Particles are semi-autonomous projects. Under this system, developers (people with ideas) solely focus on building their project, while external factors (team management, financial planning, marketing, legal work, etc.) are handled by us. Delegating this work to us does not mean giving up their freedom, with the lead developer of each Particle maintaining full creative freedom.

The key to how Particles work is smart contracts. When a Particle is formed, a smart contract is created establishing the project as a product of Anomaly Science, along with guaranteeing developers their freedom, establishing intellectual property rights, and creating a token supply. An individual's right to revenue, decision-making power, and rights to intellectual property is determined by their token holdings.

🌆 Particle Life

When you develop your project as a Particle, you enter an ecosystem optimized for creation, built by developers for developers. We understand the difficulty associated with building cool tech, so we are dedicated to supplying you with the resources to make this easier.

"I think if you're a programmer, you should talk to Jacob [Anomaly Science]." -Tim Draper, Summer 2021

Working on a Particle is meant to provide a unique experience, combining aspects of working for a traditional software company, freelancing, and going solo. Earnings are given in a freelance-like way, with payouts being given based on your holdings of Particle tokens. You get to make your own hours, you get a say in what you do, you get to build what you love, all in an environment of like-minded people.

📈 Scaleability