No matter what you call yourself; a blogger, freelancer, editor, non-fiction or fiction writer, creative writer, or novelist, you do not like to be called a beginner in writing.

Mostly, the answer is, “we cannot remember synonyms during writing so, we just use the same words again” and it is somehow true with most of the readers.

The reason is that when we are writing, we focus on communicating the main idea and we do not focus on the words we are writing. It makes things more confusing for the reader and writer both because the writer thinks he is playing tactfully with the words but readers think it is the redundancy of words.

Frustration can be your companion at one stage, but it is not always the case because, with some tips and help, you can overcome the writing problems. So, if you want to be a good essay writer, the first choice you need to make is to understand the writing mistakes and look at how you can get rid of them. It may sound difficult but if you have the help then, of course, it is to exceed in this field.

So, if you need some serious help to tackle the common writing mistakes then, you have landed in the right place. I have a list that can aid you in overcoming the common but worst writing mistakes.

Let’s get ready to look at your mistakes folks as it can be a bumpy ride for all of us.

Macro-level Mistakes

Now, to make things more understandable and comprehensive, I have broken down the common writing mistakes into two sections. Well, you will find it quite easy to read but you have to stick to this article to find out what it has for you. I ask college essay writer to write my essay. You could also consider asking a professional

Let’s start with the macro-level mistakes then.

The common mistake every writer makes is writing a long introduction.

I know you want to attain the reader’s attention through the comprehensive and catchy intro but remember, readers, want to get to the point immediately. It's like they can stop reading your article if your introduction is too boring or long. They lose their interest, folks.

The simple question is, why should your readers read your essay?

Maybe because it has some useful information that you have put together. But what if you have important information but you are putting it in the wrong way?

The major mistake is that you start your essay explaining simple terms which readers do not find interesting. Many readers do not know the concept of hook and this is how your readers leave your article. So, as you can see, writing skills are important for the essay writing service but they help in developing various skills that would be helpful for the students in other forms of academic learning throughout the semester.

So, always start with some quotation, famous line of text, some idiom or phrase which can grab the audience's attention.

What if I ask you to read a simple statement that lacks strong evidence?