A neo-banking platform for businesses in India

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Note: This isn't a case study but more of a design overview. The project hasn't yet reached at a state to become a case study. We're yet to reach our product-market fit. And from a design perspective, we know tons of things that don't work or we haven't validated enough.

Since the other two projects from Razorpay focus more on the UX aspects, I thought I'll use this one to demonstrate my/our visual design heavy work.

Before We Begin, My Role and Responsibilities

What's RazorpayX?

RazorpayX is a neo-bank for businesses in India.

Dealing with banks is painful and their products aren't built for what the new-age businesses and startups need.

Users and Use-Cases

Eventually, we want to build a platform that serves businesses of all shapes and sizes. The use-cases that we're focusing on right now:

  1. API Banking Businesses that want to automate their money-flow. RazorpayX APIs are designed for developers.
  2. One-stop Replacement for Current Bank Account By partnering with banks, we want to be the one-stop for businesses to manage all of their bank account and their entire money flow.


How we built the MVP in a Month...