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While Uniswap Grant Program is setting up to continue its operation, The Stable still has some ⛽ in the tank to continue its mission of empowering individual contributors to the Uniswap ecosystem and community.

In this blog post we will update you on all the cool events that happened over the last month and a half, what our wave 1 grantees were up to and introduce the wave 2 grants.

Empowering the community through events

It's been really busy when it comes to events. If you are organizing a Uniswap related online event please reach out, we will give our best to make it.

We are very proud of our bi-weekly Uniswap Community Calls that take place in the official Uniswap Discord server. Best part of our community calls is that anyone can submit a topic for the agenda (suggest a topic for CommCall #6!) and everyone is invited to present on stage. We believe that it is important to give the opportunity to each community member to make their voice heard! Furthermore, we had some interesting projects from the ecosystem joining our calls to show what they've been working on (shoutout to Charm, Popsicle and ICHI). Last but not least, since the CommCall #4 community member ubik started recording the calls and you can find VODs on youtube.

With the help of the ETHGlobal team we were part of a very successful hackathon (50+ projects submitted) and to top it all off we had the opportunity to showcase several UGP grantees during the UniGrants Summit. We would like to thank ETHGlobal team once again for organizing the hackathon and the summit!

Finally, BEN invited us for a call to explain what is The Stable all about and to discuss some of the latest proposals in the Uniswap governance.

Updates from wave 1 grantees

Wave 1 grantees have been hard at work. We would like to thank every one of them for great contributions to the ecosystem and community. Speaking of contributions, let's briefly mention some of them.

🌟 Crypto_Rachel, in addition to helping out other community members with their questions, created a scam token guide to help new users avoid getting scammed. Furthermore, she refactored messy and outdated FAQ in the official Uniswap Discord server. She also created a tool which helps with selling scam tokens if it is possible at all.

🌟 Dubstard was very busy with keeping the Uniswap Discord server and internet clean of any scams. He took down 350+ different scam websites and banned 200+ scammers.