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This week we’ve built another daily game: Geo Genius. Each day you’ll be presented with an image from around the world. Pan around, zoom in, and see if you can find any clues as to where the photo was taken. Then make a guess on the world map! You’ll see how close (or how far off) you were, and how your friends guessed too.

We were inspired by the popularity of Le Word — now one of our most-used apps — and wanted to bring our users another fast and fun daily ritual. We love games like Le Word and Geo Genius because they’re respectful of your time, and give you more reasons to connect with your important people. They’re apps that augment your social life, but don’t try and replace it.

Many of these new features and fixes will require an app store update that should become available this weekend. Follow along on our Twitter to get the first word on that and next week’s release, when we’re hoping to improve our ability to collect feedback and communicate new updates in Aspen. As always, you can email us (hello@aspen.cloud) with your ideas and suggestions!