We have designed our reseller service plans to be extremely affordable and have enough resources to accommodate many use cases. You have to charge your customers a price that is higher than what we charge to make a profit.

All services are protected with advanced DDoS protection, with additional filters to protect specific applications such as game servers. Our DDoS protection is extremely powerful, and we almost never experience problems with incoming attacks reaching our network, despite constantly getting attacked numerous times every day.

Each customer order orders a new plan. Two customers do not use the same plan.


Learn more at https://dashflo.net/store/minecraft


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X

Disk: SSD

Uplink: 1 Gbit/s


Virtual Private Servers

Learn more at https://dashflo.net/store/virtual-private-servers


CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900X

Disk: NVMe

Uplink: VM limit of 900 Mbit/s

Bandwidth: 1 TB (then uplink ratelimited to 10 Mbit/s)