The growth engine of women’s wealth.

Women’s wealth accumulation is at an all time high, growing at 1.5x the rate of men. Retail investing is growing at unprecedented levels, with no signs of slowing. Yet, investment platforms remain heavily male dominated.

We’re building Alpher, a female first investment platform. Alpher is reshaping the way women think about investing. Our three pillared solution provides the support networks women currently lack to build investment confidence, combined with an investment solution built to enable women to accumulate wealth over the long term, whilst meeting the goals and values they aspire to.

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Why Join Alpher?

You are ambitious - you'll fit in well at Alpher if you are looking to accelerate your career to the next level, stepping outside your comfort zone and joining an early stage company that puts hard work and ambition above all other factors when it comes to progression. What we can achieve at Alpher does not have a ceiling.

You are ready to create impact - the vision we have a Alpher is huge, with potential to have direct positive impact on the lives of millions of women across the world. Never has it been a better time for a product like Alpher to exist. This is your chance to step into a company with a huge mission that excites you every day.

You are entrepreneurial - perhaps you are looking to start a company yourself at some point? Joining Alpher at it’s earliest stage is the perfect space to get the hands-on experience of the (endless) ups and downs involved with building an early-stage company from the ground-up.

You are ready to form new relationships - not only will you be part of the close-knit team setting out to build Alpher, but we also want our team to build new relationships externally. We encourage our team to get out to industry events and organise their own events; embedding yourself with other experts in your role. We understand the importance of having a strong network - we will do what we can to ensure every member of Alpher has the opportunity to do so.

About our Founders.

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Mini Maxwell, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpher.

Alpher was born out of Mini’s frustration seeing her hugely capable and ambitious female friends remain on the investment sidelines, lacking the confidence to take investing into their own hands and grow their wealth independently.

Having spent 6 years working with some of the world’s wealthiest hedge fund managers, she saw first hand the challenges women face in an industry designed and built by men.

When not working or travelling, Mini is listening to endless podcasts or getting involved in all things sport, particularly running, tennis, or the occasional mad indoor cycling challenge.