<aside> πŸ’‘ Today is the first day of the rest of your Life. You are the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be. Seize the Day β€” Carpe Diem


This is my first BIP status update, it's hard for me write this, have never shared so much information before.

But I understand the importance of it and how it helps me.

Transparency, Accountability and Trust are core values I adhere to, and BIP reflects that.

For some background and context read πŸ‘‰ My Build in Public Manifest

Who this is for?

Who this is not for?

I am working on multiple projects in parallel, my "portfolio of small bets", will talk about them one by one.

So here it goesπŸ‘‡

The Wisdom Project β€” Newsletter / Site

The Why

This is my way of "learning in public".

It started with a very basic problem that people aren't mindful of the content they consume, which leads them to be not mindful of the thoughts they have, which leads them to indulge in irrational behavior β€” Acting against their own best interest.

So me and my wife started curating awesome content around various topics and providing our own commentary along with it. Friends loved it, and that is all we cared about in the beginning.

It has evolved into something much more, now we do a lot of creation more than curation. (although I believe all creation is just curation, lets keep that for another day!)