<aside> 🚨 The goal with our technology is converting feces into charcoal.


Some things we have to ensure

Design improvements for each criteria

Process Induced:

Carbonization(extreme pyrolosis)/Pyrolysis → charcoal is almost pure carbon. This is the process that is used to convert any organic matter into the carbon.

How will we induce this process?

If we know that carbonization is the process we need to induce on feces, what will we use to induce this process? Carbonization takes place in low oxygen environments for the best results. However, it also requires the heating of the organic matter to convert the process. We need what is known as an anaerobic environment.

The tool we use is called a kiln. It heats matter in a low oxygen environment that will then convert all the carbon in the feces to charcoal The problem that we had with just burning it with a fire is that it will take significantly longer + the return rate is only 18% which means we'll be making less than half the money we're currently making.

How much carbon are we working with?

The amount of carbon in the kiln will be the amount we can convert into charcoal. It is the theoretical highest efficiency possible. After talking with experts we learned that

What type of kiln will we use?

We will be using a gas kiln. The other option was an electric kiln but due to the exposed coils becoming brittle we couldn't use it.