Cost Overview

Wood - Shell + Assembly

Use This.

What we need:

2 - 1x1 (1 board)

4 - 0.6x1(1 board)

Wood - Buckets + Bowl

Virtually occupies the same space

As a result:

$19.08 for buckets.

Based on my estimates the bowl occupies around half the volume of the buckets/shell.

As a result:

$9.54 for bowl.


These handles will stick out of the toilets which will make it easier when we do the two-week approach instead of the one-month removal. Based on size and cost, I choose the handles below:

1.26 USD for two of them.

Spring Loaded Hinge + Nylon Plate

Hinge -

^ Can calibrate via ellen key to make the amount of pressure minimal

Nylon Plate -

^ Made of HDPE, slippery plastic so poop can be sure to slide through.

4.20+7.98 = 12.18 USD

Toilet seat

Don't think it makes sense to create an entirely new one. Found this one on a Nigerian marketplace for a very good price.


We can buy this for 29.23 USD

Final Cost Overview

<aside> 💡 As a general note, sanivation per unit costs $65 with labour.