The following guide is intended as an overview of your Aurender's hardware interface. Detailed installation information is found in the included Quick Start Guide and a comprehensive Conductor App Overview and How-To guides are found in the Aurender Knowledge Base.

Box Contents

• Aurender A30

• Handheld remote control

• AC Power Cord

• Quick Start Guide

Not included: An iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android device is required to interface with and control your Aurender. The Aurender must be connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) via Ethernet (CAT5 or higher) in order to facilitate communication between your remote device and the Aurender. Please review the "Connect to Local Area Network (LAN)" section of the included Quick Start Guide for more information on network connectivity.

Front Panel

1. On/Off

With the AC switch on the rear in the ON position, simply press and release the front panel On/Off button to turn the Aurender on or off. The surrounding LED light will pulse while the unit is starting up or shutting down, and it will stop pulsing when fully turned on or off. Pressing and holding the On/Off button will trigger a forced shut down and this should be avoided. More information on proper shut down procedure is found here: What is the proper way to shut down my Aurender?

2. Slot Loading CD drive

Insert CD into slot and A30 will automatically begin extracting or "ripping" audio files from the inserted CD. Use the A30 Manager companion app to configure CD ripping settings.

3. Input selection / CD eject button

-Press and release the button to toggle inputs: A30 INTERNAL PLAYER, COAXIAL 1, COAXIAL 2, OPTICAL 1, OPTICAL 2. -Press and hold the button to eject the CD.

4. IR Receiver eye

IR signal from the included remote control are received by the IR receiver eye.

5. Output selection

Press the button to toggle outputs: LINE OUT (rear XLR & RCA outputs), BALANCED HEADPHONE, UNBALANCED HEADPHONE. If you select UNBALANCED HP then 1/4" Unbalanced Headphone out is turn on. If you turn BALANCED HP on then XLR Balance/4.4 mm Balance Headphone outs are activated simultaneously.