The following guide is intended as an overview of your Aurender's hardware interface. Detailed installation information is found in the included Quick Start Guide and a comprehensive Conductor App Overview and How-To guides are found in the Aurender Knowledge Base.

Box Contents

• Aurender A100

• Handheld remote control

• AC Power Cord

• Quick Start Guide

Not included: An iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android device is required to interface with and control your Aurender. The Aurender must be connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) via Ethernet (CAT5 or higher) in order to facilitate communication between your remote device and the Aurender. Please review the "Connect to Local Area Network (LAN)" section of the included Quick Start Guide for more information on network connectivity.

Front Panel

1. On/Off

With the AC switch on the rear in the ON position, simply press and release the front panel On/Off button to turn the Aurender on or off. The surrounding LED light will pulse while the unit is starting up or shutting down, and it will stop pulsing when fully turned on or off. Pressing and holding the On/Off button will trigger a forced shut down and this should be avoided. More information on proper shut down procedure is found here: What is the proper way to shut down my Aurender?

2. AMOLED Display

Front panel display preferences can be adjusted in the Conductor app in the "Front Display" section of the Settings menu. The display will automatically go dim after no playback or other activity has occurred for a period of 3 minutes.

3. Display Menu

Press the Display Menu button to cycle through various display options including Song Information, Level Meters, and Playlist Menu. Playlists may be selected and played using the four buttons on the right side of the front panel display. Use the Previous (5) and Next (6) buttons to scroll between playlists. Use the Play/Pause (4) button to select a playlist. After the playlist is selected, press the Play/Pause button again to start playback.

4**. Previous track**

Press to skip to the previous track.

5. Next track

Press to skip to the next track.

6. Play/Pause