August Health is an early-stage company that builds technology to enhance quality of care for vulnerable older adults. Our product is guiding the transition from complex, paper-based practices in the long-term care industry to a digital platform solution that unlocks the power of personalized care, predictive analytics, and value-based contracting.

Our mission is to:

(1) promote compassionate personal care for frail elders,

(2) bridge healthcare access gaps, and

(3) strengthen overburdened caregivers.


We're looking for a customer success manager with strong organizational skills that’s comfortable with new software and systems and troubleshooting technical issues. Our implementation and success team offer our customers a fast and agile implementation and we stay dynamic - offering a customized approach to each customer as they need our support. You should be comfortable with thinking quickly on the fly and be a ‘chameleon’ that can engage anybody they come across.

This position offers the opportunity to work with a growing portfolio of SMB customers over time: from when they start as customers and as their continued point of contact. In some cases, you may be asked to travel onsite if a customer needs it - limit to ~2x per month within California.

You will become an important member of the core team, influence the company's continued success, and the future of long term care.



Our team of twelve has technical, healthcare and company-building backgrounds. We have prior experience at companies like Apple, Google, Landmark Health, and Adobe. Together, we’ve co-founded and exited multiple companies, managed large engineering and product teams, shipped features used by hundreds of millions of users, and led clinical teams supporting thousands of patients. We are funded by a group of top tier Silicon Valley investors and are working with some of the largest senior care organizations in the Bay Area.