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Notes: Coalesce 2021

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πŸ€” What is this, and why does it exist?

This public resource aims to record notes, insights, and takeaways from Coalesce 2021! πŸš€

Coalesce is one of the most insightful conferences in the industry, packed with useful content. Given the virtual experience, we hope this helps us track whatever is useful to us β€” written by the community, for the community! The aim is to help, contribute, and connect with participants at the conference and members of dbt Slack group.

😰 I don't know where to start?

In case you need ANY help, want to share feedback, or give your suggestions, please go here.

Or just add a comment on this document and we will respond. :)

🎯 Is there a format to capture notes? There should be!

Since everybody has their own way of taking notes, we've tried to keep this simple. There is a list of "Important Points" under each session's Notes - where you can add unlimited notes, links, bookmarks, images, screenshots, quotes.

@leena/@nandini will then go through the community's notes and then add a short summary of each session/topic.

Can I access these notes without contributing? πŸ™ˆ

YES! You can access all the notes, this document is public. But we'd love for you to join us and contribute. :)