Hiring was never as dull as it is now.

Everyone has the same strategy — same job description, same test assignments, premade interview questions, same job boards, same interview techniques, same experience every time. It's a robotic and thoughtless process that does not excite anyone anymore.

But the question is if we are all doing the same thing, who'll get the top talent?

And the answer, in this case, is obvious, the companies with bigger names like Google and Facebook, because of their huge budgets, biggest HR teams, and strongest HR brands.

asynchr is made for those who don't agree with this outcome. For those who want to give big corps a fight. For those who don't accept mediocrity and want only the best minds working with them. For those who look into every possible way to improve, for innovative ones, for the startups.

We are hacking HR for you and giving you access to unlocked niches of passive candidates, visual connection with candidates, and asynchronous interviewing.