What is Diem?

Glad you asked! Diem is a new social universe built first for women and non-binary people. We're currently looking for stories for our publication, The Power Outlet, that cover the intersection of gender and power across verticals like technology, health, finance, relationships and culture. We're also looking for stories that examine the candid conversations that we have with each other—about friendships, birth control, toxic masculinity, burnout, harassment, chronic pain, big career moves, enthralling books, and everything in between. Every piece of content should convey our core ethos: Knowledge is power, so we’re passing it on.

Here’s the type of stories we’re looking for right now:

  1. Conversations with subject-matter experts. We publish interviews (Q&A style) with interesting folks that cover the “things we don’t talk about,” meaning the topics that are reserved to whisper networks or challenge existing power structures.
  2. “Reconsider this” explainers. These cover the “things we’re not taught” when it comes to the gendered aspects of the world (i.e. wedding traditions, birth control, financial topics, etc.). These can take shape in multiple formats, including personal essays and reported stories.
  3. Essays that respond to the news. What current events should we reexamine? What unsettling trends are happening in the news that have to do with gender, power, and the "things we don't talk about"? (i.e. Soccer’s underbelly of misogyny when the World Cup was happening).

Here are the types of topics we're looking for right now:

  1. Building the equitable internet. How do we make the internet a more equal playing field? Who are the major players trying to solve for this? We’re looking for stories that tackle big questions like these, and offer insight into what a more equitable internet could look like.
  2. Web3 + Power. Who has power in web3? The “metaverse” is unfolding with breakneck speed, but we want to slow down and reexamine trends around power, influence, and control in this space.
  3. Finance + Control. How does financial power give you control? We want to hear your lessons learned, tips for others, and personal stories.
  4. Feminine Leadership. Why are women in leadership positions often referred to as “bossy” or “harsh” or “intense?” We think it’s time we reexamine traditional leadership qualities to include more feminine definitions, since we should get used to seeing women and non-binary folks as powerful leaders in a healthy way.
  5. Sex + Power. How does sex wield power? We're looking for stories on things like sex worker's rights, how sex shapes society, sex in the media, open relationships, etc.

The Diem voice is smart but conversational—we’re a knowledge-sharing platform after all. Our community is over 20,000 members strong.

For consideration, all pitches should be submitted directly to our Editor Taylor Majewski at (taylor@askdiem.com) with a subject along the lines of “PITCH FOR DIEM” in the following format: