<aside> 👤 By default, everyone in your organization will have Limited Access. Grant hiring team members Elevated or Organization Admin access to use more Ashby features. Note: Permissions are separate from the Hiring Team on a job’s settings page.


Permissions Overview

Ashby supports three Global User Roles, or permission groups, that apply to your entire organization. They are Limited Access, Elevated Access, and Organization Admin. The intermediate option, Elevated Access, requires setting team/job access roles that control which jobs and candidates those users have access to. Elevated Access also supports enabling a limited set of Admin permissions.


Permission Types

<aside> 🔗 This section covers Global User Roles and Job/Team Access Roles. For your external recruiting partners, we have an Agencies Users feature that grants them limited access to Ashby to submit and track candidates.


Limited Access

Limited Access is the default permission option. These users can see information related to the specific interviews they are associated with. They cannot access candidate profiles, jobs, sequences, or reports.

This permission set is best suited for your users who only log into Ashby to submit interview feedback and referrals. Share the Getting Started for Interviewers guide with these users to help them get up and running with Ashby.

Elevated Access

Elevated Access is the middle-tier permission option. These users can see candidate profiles, jobs, sequences, and reports for the teams and/or jobs to which they have been granted access. Elevated Access users can also be granted a limited set of Admin permissions (see Additional User Permissions)

The following access roles can be assigned to those with Elevated Access

The grid below outlines the actions these users can take on candidate profiles and jobs. ****This permission set is best suited for your users who log into Ashby to view and take action on candidate profiles and jobs, but shouldn’t have access to change global admin permissions like Hiring Managers, Sourcers, and Recruiting Coordinators. Share the Getting Started for Hiring Managers or Getting Started for Recruiting Coordinators guides to help them get up and running with Ashby.

<aside> 👉 Keep in mind that you can assign multiple access roles to a single user. For example, you can grant someone Hiring Manager access to the Marketing team and grant them Analyst access for the entire organization.