Art is our first expression of self, stories and community. It continues to etch experiences, lessons, inspirations, facilitating both questions and answers to the meanings we seek.

ARTO was founded to help art seekers and lovers discover more of the art they want, the way they want. We believe there are many ways to engage with art, which is why we are investing in ways to connect people with art, to inspire, inform, and entertain art lovers while letting them be participative audiences.


// Invitation to Artists & Partners

For Individual Artists

ARTO is currently accepting artists by invitation or via partners only. To submit your work and join ARTO, please send a link to your website and/or social media channels that contain your bio, artist statement, CV etc or a PDF of the above and samples of your works to our team at ARTO.

Our team individually reviews each submission and will be in touch within 2 weeks.

**For Partners (Galleries, Museums, Collectives, Art Platforms or Organisations) ****For ******Partnership inquiries please EMAIL ARTO

// Why Join ARTO?

ARTO will always be FREE to use for Artists

Listing is free. Whether you are an artist or a partner, your profile on ARTO allows you to share other elements of your project or work – where users can follow or buy from your collections, events, related works, art catalogues, or upcoming projects.

Optimise the IP (intellectual property) of your works to reach a wider audience

ARTO is built to reach the younger Millennials and Gen-Zs who are avid cultural consumers but with a changing behaviour. We provide the platform while artists have the sole discretion to expand your narrative and sell your works in a variety of formats that will better fit the needs and lifestyle of a young art lover.

These formats include originals, fine art prints, print-on-demand art merchandise (i.e. phone covers, scarves etc) and digital collectibles like NFTs.

Lower 90% cost and effort so you can spend more time on your practice

To print works in fine art prints or any other form, you often need to invest in high-quality photo shoots to obtain HD images. ARTO simplifies this process and helps you lower 90% costs. Use only your mobile phone to take a picture. Once you upload, we then process it with AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance your images by 10x. All digital outputs remain the sole copyright of the artists; feel free to use these images for any other purpose.

We worry about the business so you don’t have to