Facilitator: Renee

<aside> 🎙️ Check-in


1. dGov Vision: Values & Needs

2. Governance Mission

3. Community Guidelines

4. Introductions [5]

Name teams and a that is important to you then popcorn (choose) the next member in the meeting, if people remain silent choose again.

4.1 A value that is important to me….

Transparency, Transparency, Trust, Responsibility, Courtesy

5. dGov Topic of the Week

Refer to Today’s Slides [HERE]


6. Learning: A question I have about governance is….

How do we transition to a delegate enable DAO without a tech agnostic Charter…How do we help the community to participate in governance without creating “noise”…What does each letter of DAO mean, specifically what does autonomy mean how much autonomy do we need, and what should be automated? What does it mean to upgrade, what does Aragon Govern mean what does Aragon court mean? How can we prevent the concentration of power and how do we help the community and especially contributors to participate…

7. Forum Updates