Learning Experiment Objective:

Inform our collective understanding of how governance supports progressive decentralisation through a process of curation, moderation and cross-pollination of governance-related topics

Deliverables: Series of community readings, async conversations campfires and workshops about DAO Governance to develop and capture shared understanding about the words, values and applied practices that inform DAO governance


Curation The bi-weekly governance topic is a series of readings identified by dGov Knowledge Catalysts(3) in collaboration with dGov Library Tech I bounty holders. Overtime these readings are intended to incorporate topics identified via the dGov Insight Survey (Performance).

Cross-Pollination Topics will be posted by the dGov Knowledge Catalysts(3) over two weeks as a thread in the Discord learning-library channel with links added to the dGov Reading Library for future reference. Posts will be tagged @DAO Growth for awareness and @community experience for engagement

Moderation dGov Facilitators (Culture) will design, facilitate and capture community feedback with a focus on focus on values.

Required Resources

Governance reading are tracked in dGov Reading Library

dGov Facilitators (Culture) facilitate discussion to help capture & document the applied governance practices, values and learning on


Participation Incentive

Members of the ‣ coordinape circle are expected to participate in the learning experiment by engaging on at least one reading topic per week and attending at least 4/6 workshops

POAP S1 Workshops dGov S1 Collector Series rewarded post-event