<aside> 💡 Please use the following template to submit proposals to the executive sub-DAO

  1. Be clear, concise and to the point - an absolute maximum of 750 words

  2. Minimise jargon and terminology


ESD Funding Request: [ ENTER TITLE]

TLDR (50 words max)

<aside> ✅ We request the Executive Sub DAO to fund [$X] for [Season] [Duration] for the [PURPOSE]. We believe this will help the Aragon Network and DAO:

5-7 bullet points that should directly reflect the impact of the activity to be undertaken (aim for specific, rather than abstract)


1. Rationale: (100 words max)

Why should this initiative happen:

<aside> ✅ AN DAO has been struggling to process payments to contributors during season 0. Typically payments were 10 days late while other DAOs have been able to successfully pay on time contributors by leveraging a suite of tools and processes.


2. Objectives (50 words max)

Short paragraphs to inform objectives and expected outcome. Highlighting action points against which to provide deliverables

<aside> ✅ The aim of this work is to design and deploy the payments processes in AN DAO to ensure timely payments to contributors, improve transparency and decrease administrative burden.


3. Deliverables / Milestones (150 words max)

These are the basis upon which the EDS assesses deliverables for the release of monthly funding and offer the following recommendations. We request at least 3, no more than 7 clear, concise SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) deliverables