Ivan: Unless specifically tagged can work on the basis that information is not “need to know”

Options: RFP asks the hiring process to be transparent. Open listing for the role public profiles. Interviews are being recorded.

Renee: RPF process is ideal but too long, we need to make this as easy as possible for ben to find the talent to replace himself within the DAO we have less than a month

Consensus: Ben is the best person to make the decisions and should propose what he needs. as the person with highest context Consensus: Strategic hires within ESD remit, short terms only people would need to be building Main DAO proposals for future funding which presents a challenge.

Some roles may be project-based as opposed to ongoing i.e Compensation expertise

Challenges: Privacy, would the applicant be ok to apply publically if currently engaged. Challenges: Extent of funding: there is a season and a half left for ESD before the delegates. Challenges: doesn't solve the what-if applicants are currently employed somewhere else. Renee: use anon id in the forum

Decision: Ben create ESD proposal of the roles he is seeking to fill. Proposal needs

Must be transparent that the ESD has identified Ben as the advising HR consultant due to his professional expertise and the highest context of the people needs of the DAO