This guide will run you through how to deploy Aragon to other EVM compatible chains.

This deployment is self-sufficient and does not pose a requirement on other contracts already deployed to the target chain.

Before you begin, make sure that there are no official deployments to the network you will be targeting.

Official Aragon Client deployments

Deployments information

Good Manners

  1. Please verify all contracts that you have deployed with the target network scanner unless they are automatically verified.
  2. Notify the Aragon team about your plans to deploy to the target network.
  3. Keep the team in close loops about the issues you encounter as well as any ambiguity during the process.
  4. Do not change the smart contract code.
  5. Any automation and new scripts are welcome. Create a PR for the respective Github repository.


Before you start

  1. We will use notation <target network> to represent the network we are deploying to. It should be consistent throughout this tutorial.
  2. Make sure that you use one account thought the tutorial. You will need Private key and some network tokens to pay for gas.

Step 1

Description: Provide a wallet that will be used to deploy contracts as well as rpc connection to the target network.

This account will be the owner of the deployed Aragon infrastructure. To be considered an official deployment we will need to transfer all permissions from this account to an official Aragon account.