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DeWork is our primary task and bounty management board. The Ops guild and the squads within, such as Growth, Finance, use the tool to track tasks and post bounties.

The DAO will contain a variety of projects lead by different Guilds/Squads/Working Groups. Your guild can introduce bounties into any one of these or start an independent project if it doesn’t fit into the aforementioned categories.

Here are some important pointers and links:

  1. You will also be able to see various bounties posted by the DAO. You can filter the “Unassigned” bounties to find the bounties which are still open and up for grabs.

  2. Task Management - The Ops Guild has been empowered for Season 1 to move its operation to DeWork to ensure transparency within the DAO by having all projects and tasks laid out in one workspace. Ops guild suggest the stewards to start tracking their projects in the tool to drive forward the ethos of AN DAO, efficiency and transparency as its forefront. Want to start tracking tasks in DeWork? Let’ go!

    1. Use this link to access AN DAO workspace.
    2. Use below page to access DeWork How to Get Started Guide.

    DeWork Project Management Guide

    1. You will be able to see projects within such as dTech guild, Ops guild are managing day to day tasks as of March’22.
    2. When the guild/squad/wg is ready to make a project, the steward would have to be granted admin rights to AN DAO workspace. Please contact @Anukriti for admin rights.
    3. The admin can make the project public or private. We suggest making the high visibility projects as public so that anybody in the DAO can see it.
  3. Bounty Management - Google form to submit bounties.

    1. Please fill this google doc to submit the bounties on DeWork. Once the google form is submitted, a member from Ops Guild will reach out to you in case of any questions. Please provide 2 days for the bounties to be posted on DeWork.

    2. Once the bounty is posted on DeWork, the discord channel “bounty-board” will also be populated with the bounty for everyone within the discord to see and made aware.

      Bounty Management Process (1).jpg

Please contact @Anukriti for any help with the work.

Thank you!

Ops Guild Team


Bounty Format:

Bounties Submission Tracker