Core Member Delegations

<aside> 🥇 Core members are dedicated to the success of the guild and ensure each of its core operations are executed optimally.


Delegations roles and responsibilities

Contributing Member Delegations

<aside> 🥇 Prospective core members, volunteers, limited input individuals, contractors. These are members who have expressed interest in the guild but have not proven their abilities or only want to serve in a limited capacity. Most core members of the guild should arrive through the “contributing member delegations”. Since there may not be enough tasks to have everyone as a core member, this is where people can contribute without being fully initiated. This can serve as a pool the guild can draw from when a core member leaves or work increases and there is a need for an additional core member. It also allows the guild to have a trial period and can serve as an orientation/learning position before becoming a core member.


Some Contributing Member responsibilities:


<aside> 🥇 Core members will be incentivized differently than contributing members.


Because of the dedication required, core members will receive a base salary consisting of two parts:

  1. Static compensation: 75% of available core member monthly budget
  2. Elastic compensation determined via cordinape circle performed by core members themselves totaling 25% of available core member monthly budget

Contributing members will receive compensation via bounty completion. Bounty distributions will be determined via coordinape.

Core members will decide each bounty’s compensation taking into account available funds, future bounty project funding, skill level needed, and time required to complete. If the core members do not have the required experience they will seek council from those who do. All unused bounty funds will be carried to the next month.

5% of all completed bounty projects and core member compensation will be delivered to the guild’s treasury for operational tasks such as meetups, platform fees, education etc. Core team members will create a structure for custody and use of these funds before application of the 5% is in effect.

Future ideas