TLDR: Core Ops group has made further progress on transitioning operational process and responsibility to the community. We request release of funds from ESD to pay bounty holders for their work in Block 2.


Please find status update 2 for the Core Ops funding proposal and community contributions to AN DAO.

At the end of Block 2 (Weeks 2&3) we now have all but 2 of the bounties allocated.  These are for a Governance and Tech lead for the DAO and so it is understandable that these are taking a little longer to staff than other contributions.

Key items to add in summary for this update are:

Bounties allocated can be seen here

Highlights for the current cycle of note are:

If satisfied, we would request release of Block 2 payment from Exec Sub DAO Multisig to the Core Ops Multisig no later than Friday 10th March. This is the also the payment date for contributors.

Our next update in 2 weeks will provide a complete review from the Core Ops proposal and outline of an evolution of Core Ops into an “Ops Guild”.

Full list of bounties, current status and workings included here