We’ll use simple, relational database to manage cross-DAO collaborations.


Verticals / Use Case Description
DeFi Lending, DEXs, asset management, etc.
Investment Invest together
NFT Collective Collect NFTs together
Gaming Guild Decentralized gaming-related communities
Web3 Infrastructure Blockchains, non-DeFi protocols, etc.
R&D DAO Biotech -
Service & Talent Union or Guild of independent professionals
Media & Research Content, education, research
Grants Mission-driven resource allocating communities
Web2 Community Customer DAOs for web2 companies, etc.
Civic ConstitutionDAO, LinksDAO, CityDAO, CatalanDAO, etc.
Other Emerging use-cases...
Stages Description
Idea Defining the purpose of the DAO
Planning Figuring out how the DAO should work, be structured, and operate
Maturing “0.5” DAO (Multi-sig, off-chain voting, existing community, etc.)
Selection Validating which tools best fit a DAOs requirements
Closed-Won Launched DAO on Aragon
Closed-Lost Launched DAO on competitor tooling, or DAO never launched
Challenge Buckets Description
Legal How should we structure our legal “back-end”?
Technical Validation, customization, deployment
Tokenomic Fundraising, equity mode, etc.
Governance Governance design related challenges...
Community Ideal-fit members, coordination, incentive design, etc.