To pursue the long-term impact of enabling peer-to-peer learning agility in the AN DAO, we  want to deliver our objectives by embracing three principles of the ARC model to facilitate and evaluate a decentralised Peer Learning activity:

Agency - Initiate the learners in their self-direction.

Responsiveness - Set the learning environment ability to provide relevant knowledge on demand.

Connectivity - The access provided to specific knowledge to expand the learners network through people with relevant experience and leap over constraints.

Source: The arc model


We want to generate a community mindset with thought leadership and direction for successful adaptability in new coordination systems enabled by web3 technologies. A decentralised peer-to-peer learning approach will start with a solid exploration phase about ‘Learning & Experiments’ to channel needs and intrinsic motivations.

We want to listen and respond to plant knowledge, make them grow internally and anchor them with iterations of peer-to-peer learning. Also, learnings from the DAOs projects that ask for support pave the way for Aragon to become an Ecosystem player.

We envision establishing a consistent and sustainable stream of funds for the guild to evolve with the long-term community needs such as Learning & Development.

How the initiative adds value to Aragon

The outcomes are to enable the community human capital with learning experience through structured experiments to connect learners to others on their path in the Aragon network. This will develop Agency and the learning experiments by listening and responding.

The action research in the network will scope the relevant interactions that facilitate the value (talent, funds, knowledge) flows. By doing so it will support strategic choice and awareness of gaps and opportunities.

In the squads, the community's imagination and talents will unfold through qualitative research as well as with the following experiments detailed in the Deliverables section below.

Strategic Alignment

The Learning and Experiments squad aligns with the strategic goal of supporting the overall purpose of the Aragon DAO defined in the Aragon Network Charter. Being part of the People guild, this proposal encompasses further our purpose, so we want to collaborate closely with:

Umbrella initiative to explore how to embed the cultural impact (communication, emotional management) in our deliverables.

Community Experience to support the launch of communication and engagement plans for each deliverable.