<aside> 💡 This is my initial suggestion of how the Product Working Group could be kickstarted. Even though I will use words like will, that doesn't mean that this is the definitive way of how this working group will work, but just a proposed spec.



Align all relevant participants in the Aragon ecosystem on high-level product vision and decisions.

This encompasses many things, for example:


We will use the Product DAO to organize as much as possible.

Membership will be represented as tokens in this organization.

You can import the custom labels with all the members here:



There will be two non-rotating roles. The reasoning is that being on a role for a longer period of time ensures the persons in charge can build good habits that compound over time. On the other hand, switching gears every couple of weeks makes it hard for those habits to compound.

Both roles can be replaced by a supermajority (more than 2/3) vote from the Product DAO members.


li (Luis Iván Cuende) on Keybase