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<aside> *⃣ Reaching front-end developers with information on how to do their jobs better is our business.


<aside> ✨ These are the main sponsorship products I have available across the sites I work on. They aren't the only possibilities, as it's possible to get creative in other ways, but these are the big hitters that are always effective.


<aside> 🔥 These things can be done individually. But more commonly, they are parts of a custom package that we can work on together.


✨ The CodePen Spark Email Newsletter

The CodePen Spark is a **hand-crafted weekly email, including the best community created content from CodePen and around the web. It is delivered to people via email, but also published to the web as a permanent archive. This newsletter has a much broader reach than CSS-Tricks!



Variable. Depends on type of issue (standard or dedicated) and sending needs.


🎧 ShopTalk Show Podcast Spot

ShopTalk Show is a podcast all about building websites! Dave Rupert and I have done going on 400 episodes now, and it's certainly one of the most popular shows in the web design and development industry.

Podcast advertising is one of the most perfect places for sponsorship, and proving quite effective and popular lately. The format would allow me to hone in on all the things I love about a product or service and provide a very personal endorsement.