Hello, I'm Anita Ihuman,

A Developer Advocate, Technical Writer and Content creator who enjoys sharing information. I love learning, teaching & contributing to Open Source cloud-native groups, advocating for D&I in Open Source, and onboarding new contributors into Open Source.

I have contributed to a number of Open Source projects on GitHub. I have spoken at various international conferences like KubeCon China and DevConf.cz, FOSSBackstage, FOSDEM and many more. I am a member of the DevNetwork Advisory Board. I am on the organizing team for Kubernetes Community Day Africa(KCD). A reviewer & maintainer on the CHAOSS DE&I Badging initiative and a community leader(MeshMate) at Layer5(a service mesh company).

I am a technical writer at Apache APISIX, and previously a Developer Advocate at Kyverno, where I did incredible things working with the marketing team.

Outside Open Source, I am a Frontend Developer with proficient skills and experience in React (Next.js, Gatsby), Typescript, Node.js, Kubernetes, Docker etc. An Author at Hit Subscribe, Hashnode, Medium, & Dev.to; where I write technical content on cloud-native software, open-source best practices, DevRel, leadership in tech and personal growth. I also love cats🐈.

Thanks for Visiting 😊.

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