Social media helps us to build relationships with people, attract new followers and gain new supporting members and donors. Very often the first interactions will be crucial for how and whether anyone gets involved in the organisation's activities or shares your content.

Communication on social media, such as writing posts and responding to comments are the crucial first point in building relations between the organisation and its followers.

Among the people following your profiles, there are also people who are more involved and already "like" the organisation - we also have to remember them.

The main goals of our social media will be:

A social media funnel is similar to the marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a model that illustrates the theoretical user journey from the "awareness" stage to the "commitment" stage. Each level becomes more and more valuable, however fewer people will reach the last stage. On each commitment stage, one must apply different methods, for example the first level of "awareness" can be reached by creating SEO-friendly content and using social media. During the following stages, social media also plays a big role and it can be seen up to the very last level.

By taking into account the following social media objectives which are paired with the marketing funnel - one can expect to see great results.

Reaching new people and retaining them - "awareness"

This is the content that will attract our target group. Examples of posts: Videos with animals, interesting facts about animals, news about animals, quotations, nice pictures, content about pets, forest animals - or any extra content that you have seeing through your analytics that work in your region. At this stage it’s enough to engage someone who likes animals - we do not need to focus on farm animals yet. The content should be very easy to receive. This stage is very important, because the more people fall into the funnel here, the more will go further.

Building the first relationship - "interest"

Positive attitude towards your organisation, commitment to the subject of animal welfare - there should be content that will bring people closer to what your are doing, you should also describe the problem to people, in order for them to get more familiar with the subject. You should consider using infographics, videos from investigations or campaigns, simple blog texts, posts explaining the life of farm animals. At this level news and publications about your organisation, your successes are also very important. You want to show that you are worth supporting. As an example, at this stage, a person who likes dogs and cats should understand why it’s important to help farm animals.

Deepening the relationship to the point of virtual support - "evaluation"

Commentary, sharing, asking to sign a petition, newsletter subscriptions - there should be content that effectively achieves the above goals. This will allow people who are interested in the subject to get involved in our activities which don't take up too much time. Blog articles or films that clarify more complex issues related to farm animals are also be good at this stage. As an example, a person starts evaluating why they should support your work and why it is important.

Support - "commitment"