Software Developer


📞 +44 7411 830 113

💬 @James_Kirk


28 years old.

8 years of IT experience.

🇬🇧 I live in London

Moscow Aviation Institute, 2011 — 2016

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

About me


I am a passionate and experienced developer.

Except for developing at work I like improving my pet project and contributing in open source in general.

My hobbies are 🛫traveling, 🎮gaming and 🤔understanding how things are done.

For the last summer I spent a ton of money to get into astrophotography and I got some decent results.

My key skills

👨‍💻️ Programming

I'm very confident with Java and Kotlin (Kotlin is my preferred language), but I can also write code using Python, JavaScript, Go and Bash.

💾 Databases

Good experience with Oracle, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, MongoDB


Sometimes I overcome pain and use Bash for some purposes. Also, I have experience with Linux, k8s and some CI/CD tools (GitLab CI, TeamCity, Bamboo). My favorite tool is Docker.

By the way, I'm a fan of self-hosting.

📊 Business

I always try to understand the business value of my work. Therefore I have nice experience in fintech like card payment processing, card distribution, back-office

👬 Team

I've been working in Agile teams for my whole career. I led a small group of developers.

🍺 Soft skills

I'm never afraid of asking questions or answering them. Always ready to talk in public. Also, I'm a good teacher and always open to having some mentees.

Work experience

Intercontinental Exchange

Senior Developer

February, 2022 — current time