<aside> šŸ’” Welcome to the AngelHack Community Hacks Series - a bridge between a massive global developer ecosystem and the innovative companies trying to reach them. Here's all you need to know about this initiative, materials you can utilize, and resources you can refer to. Feel free to reach out to the AngelHack Team if you have any questions!


šŸ† Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite the passion of innovators and connect change-makers around the world.

How we measure success

  1. Engagement with our initiatives.
  2. Attendance & participation at events.
  3. Feedback about AngelHack ambassadors, the event and the initiative.

Ground Rules

  1. All community hacks (until further notice) should be fully virtual events.
  2. Any closed sponsorship deals should be notified to the AngelHack team as soon as possible for the accounts team to close the financial matters.
  3. All Community Hack Leads to receive a 20% commission from the total sponsorship raised, after deducting costs from the total sponsorship raised.
  4. There can only be 1-2 (max) Community Hack Leads (per event) and the rest of the team members are to be managed by the leads only. AngelHack will not be responsible for the team dynamics the Community Hack Leads decide.
  5. Commission decided and shared will only be sent to the leads post-hackathon and upon receiving the amounts from sponsors and leads will be responsible to ensure these processes are complete within the due time.
  6. Payments to be made to the logistics/hackathon tools will be taken care of by the AngelHack team and all payments to the Community Hack Leads will be made within 30 days of the completion of the hackathon and during our monthly payment cycle.
  7. All hackathons are to follow AngelHackā€™s **Code of Conduct.**
  8. All hackathons are to abide by this Privacy Policy and the **Terms of Service.**
  9. All data/tools to be used for the hackathon will be only provided by the AngelHack team to ensure data privacy and security are in place to protect participant information.
  10. AngelHackā€™s marketing team will only be able to share the collaterals on AngelHackā€™s official global channels and the individual existing city/country pages will also be available to spread the message across.
  11. Community Hack Leads are fully responsible for running the complete hackathon and are answerable for any disputes raised during, before, or after the hackathon.

Community Hack Requirements