At Amie, we’re building the joyful productivity app.

A new way to look at productivity. By combining to-dos and calendar in one, and simplifying every step until it truly works like you think.

You might have noticed the word “joyful” above. We’re pretty bullish about that: using your calendar app doesn't need to feel boring, and it sure doesn't need to feel like work. We achieve this feeling of joyfulness by taking the time to focus on each detail of our product. Every little interaction should be smoother than ever before.

Open positions

If you want to work with us, send an email to

In the best case with links to things you have worked on. We especially love side projects.

What we love about working here

Above all, we care about good design

To make something great, just re-do it, re-do it, re-do it.

Amie is the joyful productivity app. That means focusing on few experiences but perfecting those. Everyone on the team cares about design and chat to users daily. We don’t just replicate what’s already been made, we build what we think will truly matter. And then we re-do it re-do it re-do it.

We get to try the wild ideas we never got to before

When we see something that can be improved, anyone on the team is free to improve it instead of putting a ticket through the process loop. Everyone on the team have massive impact on how the product will turn out and what we work on.