Status: After Google acquired the SDK that Miurror relied on, we had to pause its development.

Intro: A messenger app that shows you the facial reactions of your friends in virtual avatars when they read/reply to your message.

Short Demos



‎Miurror Deck.‎001.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎002.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎005.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎006.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎007.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎008.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎009.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎010.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎011.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎012.jpeg

‎Miurror Deck.‎013.jpeg