Only 28% of online customers get support in their native language. This not only results in lost revenue for companies but is also contributing to global inequality, as it disenfranchises speakers of low-resource languages. If your parents don't speak English fluently, you know exactly what I am talking about.

So companies care a lot about serving their customers in as many languages as possible as well as automating the repetitive parts. The traditional approach is to create a single AI per language. But this simply becomes too expensive, too fast, as it requires retraining and maintaining multiple bots. And to make things worse, the AI layer, is separate from the chat layer, meaning that one needs to buy at least two products to offer customer service in multiple languages. And that is very expensive - especially for SMEs

The market is huge. A report from Straitsresearch estimates that the market size for Intelligent Virtual Assistants will be 245 Billion by 2030, a whopping 20x from where it is now.

And we’re VERY fortunate to have received substantial grant funding ($1.2M) whilst keeping all the equity This gives us enough runway to prove our worth, before raising for our official seed round. More importantly, there’s enough equity to make everyone’s time really worthwhile (more on that later)

We've already built a lot, but we still got TONS to build. And that's where you come in...

If you join us, you’ll be one of the first team members and have a massive influence on what we build and how we build it. You’ll also be an owner, both in terms of company equity and ownership of a large problem space.



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