All retained earnings will accumulate and be used according to the votes of the Guild Stewards.

Who are Guild Stewards?

Guild Stewards are entrepreneurs who support the Guild by paying $15 per month. New stewards can sign up here.

Who can propose a project?

Any Guild Steward who has been a paying supporter for 6 months or more can propose a project that they think will help achieve the Guild's mission of ensuring every entrepreneur is supported.

How will voting work?

Every three months all the Guild Stewards will vote on how to spend the retained earnings unless there is less than $1000 in which case the money will be rolled forward into the next quarter. Each Guild Steward will be given all of the proposals that are seeking funding and they can cast their (1) vote. Once the votes have been cast the winning project will be funded. If there are remaining funds surplus to the requirements of the winning project they will be rolled forward into the next quarter and if there are no proposals in that quarter all funds will roll forward to the next quarter.