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1. Intro to Improv - The Rules

Improv is not about moving forward, but "it's about backing up"

Once you visualize something you've received (listening is key), you can go backwards and recreate a scenario (by building on top of what you've received) so that you can get to a point where you can "jam" on it

Sometimes, there isn't clarity yet, so you need to close listen to what the partner is giving you, and offer something that is aligned with the previous scenario.

All Improv is about WHO, WHAT, WERE


You need to dive right in instead of wait for the right moment or the clarity. It's better to commit to something than to wait around. Just do it!

Being yourself (as a heuristic)

Behaving as if you were in the situation yourself (rather than trying to have a killer line) - how would you react in the real world?