we are looking for a young ambitious person to help us build the architecture for our founder community!

1/3 Transcend Network

Transcend Network is the most global network of founders building the future of learning and work.

We run the Transcend Fellowship quarterly, a fellowship for founders building the future of education and the future of work. This is a 5-week experience that connects founders to one another and to our ecosystem of advisors, investors, exclusive content and research.

After the Fellowship, founders stay connected to the network through our weekly programming, research and mentoring calls – these fellows build the Network alongside us across the 20+ countries they hail from.

Our goal is to make the Fellowship obvious #1 option for early-stage founders building companies in the space.

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2/3 Community Architect

a) The role

The Community Architect will meet and hear our founders to understand how the community can evolve, and design processes that allow the community to thrive and stay connected + run most of the the events.

  1. Define an "architecture" for our community
  1. Run weekly events

3. Identify new opportunities for us!