This graph shows the history of my music taste in the last 9 and a half years (months after Spotify first launched in Spain).

From my Spotify data + OrganizeYourMusic!

What's this?

In August of 2019, I looked at almost 10 years of my music data from Spotify, and used OrganizeYourMusic to analyze my data.

blue shows any song that's not classified under the plotted filters

red is for rock music

purple is folk

pink is songwriter music in Spanish

orange (deep) is for underground stuff

green is for neosoul and r&b

brown is flamenco

A Music History of Alberto

This graph shows the evolution over all of my music listening history. Keep in mind that I cut out the first ~700-1000 songs, which I first added but are not correctly tagged by Spotify. It's not a great loss tbh - it's mostly Linkin Park, The Offspring, Spanish rap and other early 2000s and late 1990s teen rebel music. Alas.

This is how it looks with the outlier songs included. Most of it is from the 2000s - that one orange one at the top? That'll be Take On Me!

So this is it! Let's zoom into the correctly tagged music. We'll dissect this graph piece by piece.

First, there was rock. As you could see in the previous graph, I started listening to a lot of rock in my teenage years. As I grew up, I progressively stopped listening to it.