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Welcome! 🙌

Congratulations on starting the hiring process at Alan! We are thankful for your interest in our team.

This page aims at sharing with you what Alan offers to Alaners in terms of compensation package and employee value offer.

<aside> 💡 You can contact equity@alan.eu if you have any questions!


🧐 Our salary and equity compensation leading principles

Radical transparency

At Alan, we have created a unique environment of trust nurtured by transparency. Disclosing our salary and Equity grids publicly shows our commitment to these values.

Equity for all Alaners

We believe in sharing Equity with the team because we want Alaners to act like shareholders within a culture of collective achievement.


When you're interviewing at Alan, there's no room for salary negotiation because it wouldn’t be fair to have Alaners with the same level of impact and contribution but a different level on our salary grid.

No individual bonus

The absence of an individual variable compensation allows you to not focus solely on achieving your personal goal but to step back and engage collectively in making good decisions for the company.

Our salary & equity grids at Alan

At Alan we offer an attractive Equity package on top of an above market-average base salary. From an Equity compensation perspective, the usual market practice is to grant Equity in order to save cash and partly offset a less competitive salary. The grids below are the latest as of today.

Please note that only our potential final hiring offer will be binding.

💰 About the Salary...

<aside> 🤓 Your salary depends both on how many years of professional experience you have and the level at which we make an offer. Experience accumulated between the offer and join date as well as non-professional experience such as travel, a sabbatical, or volunteering are not counted. Your level will be defined during the hiring process through diverse technical exercises and shared after the Alan Day in case of a hiring offer. The level defines the reference base salary which is increased for each year of past professional experience.


<aside> 🤓 Every year you stay at Alan, you’ll receive an experience update to value your seniority and loyalty over time (*not applicable in Belgium where Alaners are eligible to the sectoral salary indexation).


Salary grid for France 🇫🇷 Spain 🇪🇸 and remote Alaners

Salary grid for Belgium 🇧🇪

🍰 About the Equity…

But what is equity?

<aside> 🤓 Resit here: Equity User Guide


What is unique about our Equity scheme 🤩