<aside> 📲 Go to Settings → Integrations → Add Integration → Slack → Hit "Connect" and finish the login online. Connect as many accounts as you want!


Did you ever forget to reply to your colleagues or to do something important they asked you on Slack?

💡 Turn messages into tasks

A message that you can't reply to right now? → Save it! A message that requires you to do an activity? → Save it!

Saved messages 📌 will be automatically imported as tasks into Akiflow.



<aside> 💡 Tip: Hit O as "Open" with a selected task to be redirected to the Slack source message


What happens when I complete an imported task from Slack?

A popup will appear with the following options:


<aside> 📢 Pro tip: when you connect to Slack you may already have many saved messages. Use the task multiple select to quickly go through them and take bulk actions! 👇