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Role Overview

⛰️ Our mission

Enabling startups to scale by building and implementing best-in-class financial systems and teams at each stage of the startup journey.

airCFO partners with the world’s most impactful startups, helping them to build their unique visions of the future. The founders & executives of these startups face all kinds of risks during their startup journeys: market risk, technical risk, execution risk, etc.

airCFO’s full-stack team of startup Finance, Accounting, & Tax experts helps them build & manage their back office to minimize compliance & financial risk, providing founders with peace of mind.

Join us & help build a world-class company for our employees & clients

At airCFO, we believe that startups are building the future each and every day. airCFO helps these startups shape the future by building their finance, tax & accounting functions to scale with efficient processes and tools that gives insight into their financial performance. Our vision is to become the nation’s most respected financial partner for startups -- serving organizations from Silicon Valley to NYC.

Our approach has always been simple: hire great people, then enable those people to do impactful work sustainably. In 2022, our ambition is to achieve best-in-class NPS scores from both our employees and our clients.

🌠 Where you come in

Our challenge today

In order to support our rapid growth, we are hiring for a People Ops Lead! If you have a passion for working with fast-growing tech startups and you want to build a world-class distributed work environment, come and join our team.

Making this hire is a top priority for us, as we’ve dedicated 2022 to improving our employee experience and are measuring employee NPS as a ‘North Star’ metric. We’re also planning to launch a new service line in 2022 to deliver People Ops consulting to our clients, and this hire will eventually allocate much of their time to working directly with our startups.

There are 4 focus areas that we want to improve in 2022 to achieve our ambition:

<aside> 💰 Performance Management, i.e. measuring employee performance so we can ensure our team is upholding airCFO standards


<aside> ❤️ People Ops as-a-Service, i.e. applying internal People expertise to help clients build out their own top-notch People functions