"Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence."

**Find the next unicorn in the Blockchain ecosystem.

We believe that AI and blockchain will change the future of the world.**

Why "Blockchain Intelligence"?

⭐ Accelerate Blockchain Business

<aside> 💡 We are confident that, like previous internet revolutions, new innovations and services will emerge in the blockchain ecosystem.

We accelerate new businesses that will change our lives, including token economy, DeFi, Digital Assets, CBDC, DID and more.


⭐ Artificial Intelligence Investment

<aside> 💡 We invest in a wide range of areas based on AI technology.

Our main strategy is to invest in global markets and sectors around the world without being biased towards narrow areas.

We make investments for long-term growth based on the state of the art AI model.


⭐ 100% Online community

<aside> 💡 Because we work worldwide, we have built our collaboration system 100% online.

We aim to become a frontier community with global blockchain and artificial intelligence experts.


Contact us

<aside> 🌎 www.blockchain.bi


<aside> 🏛️ 30 N Gould st, Ste N, Sheridan, WY 82801, US


<aside> 💌 bi@blockchain.bi