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AI connectors available in beta for Slack, Google Drive, and more

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Fewer tools, less toggling, more flow

Stay in the flow and save time

Connect all your company knowledge, plus GPT-4, with Notion AI. Get the information you need instantly—without interruption.

Unlock your company’s memory

So much knowledge is locked away in docs and messages. Tap into it all with a single question.

Trusted results that respect your team’s privacy

Only see what you’re supposed to see. Notion AI honors existing permissions and cites its sources.

Previously, we had to guess which platform held the information we needed. Now, people can simply ask Notion AI.

Ganesh Ramanarayanan

Head of Engineering, Hex

Coming soon to an app near you


Find the info you need across your docs, projects, and wikis


Surface or summarize the latest Slack conversations

Google Drive

Access or summarize your docs, sheets, and slides


Get info about the latest tasks and issues.

Coming soon


Ask about specific pull requests and Markdown files.

Coming soon


Retrieve real-time customer and sales data.

Coming soon
Questions & answers

How do Slack and Google Drive connectors work?

Notion AI enables you to ask any questions about the content in your Notion workspace. By connecting Slack or Google Drive to Notion AI, when you ask a question, Notion AI will also surface relevant answers from those sources, citing specific messages it referenced.

Do I need to have the Notion AI add-on? Do I need to be on a specific plan type?

For a limited time, this feature is available on a paid Notion AI workspace and a Plus, Business, or Enterprise plan.

Please note: availability and pricing of this product is subject to change. Notion may remove access to this product or require additional fees for access after the beta.

How is the Notion AI Slack connector different from Slack AI?

Slack AI is limited to only Slack data. Notion AI pulls information across work apps, including public Slack channels, Google Drive, GPT-4, and more, directly into where you work.

Who from my company is required to complete the set up?

You must be a Notion workspace owner to connect the Notion workspace with your Slack and Google workspaces. Keep in mind that if you’re not also your Slack or Google workspace admin, you’ll need approval from the Slack or Google workspace admin to complete the integration.

Does Notion AI respect existing permissions?

Absolutely. Notion AI’s third-party integrations honor existing permissions according to our existing Notion AI security and privacy practices. Users will not be able to receive AI responses based on data and content to which they do not have access in Notion or within the third-party application connected to Notion AI.