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When you are at a fast food burger joint, you might be offered some sides before you pay. It would be quite odd if they asked you β€œWould You Like Fries With That?” after you already payed.

However, that is only true in the offline world. In the online world it is surprisingly quite the opposite. Why?

First, you have built a sense of trust

When a shopper has made an online purchase, their neurotransmitters are activated providing them with a surge of dopamine. They feel euphoric; this feeling is often associated with high trust. With the right post purchase offer you can offer a great deal to your customers that they are more likely to accept.

Second, you don’t jeopardize the initial purchase

How many times have you been shopping online where you have been greeted with so many popups, discounts, and offers that it just feels like too much? This is a real problem and leads customers to abandoning their cart. With post purchase offers, you eliminate that risk as the purchase has already been made. You reduce friction in the buyer's journey.

Third, you can build a sense of urgency

Imagine making a purchase and being greeted with a special offer: 30% off for the next 20 minutes. That second handbag you reluctantly removed from your cart as a gift for Mom? Well, now you can buy that! Who would want to miss out on a deal of a lifetime?

With AfterSell you can do exactly just that!

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