The modern digital world has opened a lot of opportunities for modern applications. If you have app design ideas, an iPhone mockup is a great presentation tool.

Almost every product or service you can think of has a mobile application. When you think of communication, the various messaging companies have all created their own mobile applications. Skype has a mobile application, so does Viber. Facebook also has Messenger and there’s WhatsApp. Most social media platforms also have their own messaging components.

Gaming companies are also creating their own apps so it would be easier for them to sell their products. This way, gamers will just press one icon and they are in the game. It is also a more direct link to the company. The same can be said of food. A lot of restaurants have started their own apps so that people can just click on the icon, order some food, and have it delivered right on their doorstep.

So here are some trends of mobile applications to fuel your mind and create and develop your own app design:

COVID-19 app

The coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, is the most important health issue now. Over 100,000 have been affected by COVID-19 with over 3,400 deaths. Business-minded people and organizations have capitalized on this by creating apps. While it could be construed as a business play, you have to admit that it is quite important. In fact, it has become a big hit in South Korea, which is one of the countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases.

There is always room for more apps that track COVID-19 or any other coronavirus-related apps. When you do have an idea, then you lock it up with the iPhone.psd and find an audience that will help you with the development of the app whether through financial means or other forms of assistance.

Dark mode

Putting your awesome iPhone on dark mode is fantastic aesthetically. So if you have a chance, you do it! The dark mode usually comes with the mobile application. It is definitely a great trend and a lot of the most popular apps carry the dark mode like Facebook Messenger, Viber and even Twitter. Apparently, dark mode also helps you save the phone’s battery life. So it looks good and it’s quite functional, too. When you are in a dim environment, it also helps you with your eye sight. Apparently, the dark mode will not strain your eyes.

If you want to show off your mobile app in dark mode, you should do so with the iPhone X clay mockup. One of the best sources for this type of PSD mockup is free iPhone mockup from Ramotion. This website has some of the best-looking iPhone mockups that are of high quality and of high resolution. The mockup templates are available in both PSD file and Sketch format.

An efficient iPhone mockup can definitely elevate your digital product. So it is essential that you use the right kind of mockup. The internet is also a great source of free PSD mockups. You just need have to be more resourceful while also being smart about the template you choose.

Poker games

There are online poker games but now, some companies are also creating mobile apps for better user experience. A couple of companies have introduced the vertical user interface. This is important because you usually use the iPhone vertically. Sometimes it’s very irritating when your phone automatically rotates just because you moved your phone. So the vertical design is a really good touch.

This is definitely the perfect app to showcase a poker game app especially since the app was basically made for the iPhone. You can find free mockups with the photorealistic iPhone as the centerpiece. Now you have to balance your content with the kind of mockup that you will use. There are so many fun mockups around, which could perfectly match the fun that your gaming app brings.


Videos are really vital in a lot of mobile applications around. When you look at the most popular mobile applications: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, they all have video components. TikTok is another mobile application that is really making waves. Even celebrities are on TikTok. It also relies on videos—fun videos.

The iPhone XS would be a great screen to carry your video app. So you should be able to find an iPhone mockup that uses the iPhone XS. It is advantageous because one of the biggest advantages of this mobile device is its bigger and better OLED screen. It also has an A12 bionic processor, which is great for videos. This feature is great when it comes to mobile phone performance. The storage is also great. A higher model has 512GB and we all know that videos take up a lot of space.

Streaming apps

People are now watching movies and TV shows on their mobile devices. Apple has its own streaming service. Even the U.S. networks are creating their own streaming versions because they know that people are always on their mobile phones. People are attached to their iPhones that companies might as well put movies and TV shows on their phones. That is exactly what happened. So if you have a concept that would compete with these apps then you have a great iPhone mockup that can help you showcase your digital product.