Cron calendar lets you join and create secured Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts Meet) meetings with a single click. This document describes how you use Google Meet with your Cron account. When you "Sign in with Google," you're already all set to add Google Meet links to your meetings:

Cron will intelligently choose the appropriate Google account when opening the link in the browser.

If you use the Google Meet Progressive Web App (PWA) on your computer, in the browser bar, select "Open with: Google Meet" to launch the meeting into app.

<aside> 💡 Troubleshoot: I don't see Google Meet listed as a conferencing option

Your Google Workspace doesn't have Google Meet enabled. If you're an admin of your Google Workspace, you can turn on Meet video calling. Otherwise, contact your IT admin with this request.


<aside> 💡 Troubleshoot: "Asking to join... You'll join the call when someone lets you in"

If you see this message when joining a Google Meet call that you're hosting, ensure you're logged in to the browser with the correct Google account (top right on the Google Meet page). The Google account in the browser and the Google account you're using with Cron have to be the same. If that doesn't solve it, reach out to us.


Questions about permissions or getting started? We're excited to


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